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Animals, whether wild or domesticated are highly in tuned to energy.  In fact, they are empathic, especially the domesticated animals that are our pets.  Pets are highly sensitive, and they have a keen ability to sense what their people around them are feeling, and often times to the point of mimicking the owner's behaviour and sometimes taking on the owner's pain/illness.

Gisele discovered during the animal healing sessions, that they too suffer from their own issues.  As a pet owner herself, she has done many healing sessions on her own animals, as well as others.  She recognizes the stories that are living inside of them, and she would never have guessed, that these stories of past experiences of trauma/abuse and other negative experiences, were the root cause of many of the pets health and behavioural issues.

When pets are not feeling well, some of the the symptoms may be obvious and then there are those that are not. Those underlining health issues that are not recognized and/or address, tend to be played out in what we call behavioural problems or personality traits, being snappy/grumpy, not wanting to socialize, being fearful, insecure, etc.  Gisele is able to get to the root cause of these behavioural problems and personality traits, which allows for the pets to return to their natural state of well being.

Gisele is not a veterinarian, nor does she provide any diagnoses. She recommends that you see a veterinarian for any emergency for your pets.  In the meantime, if you would like a deeper understanding of what's going on with your pet/s, Gisele would be more than happy to assist you. Her work also does very well in tandem with other treatments, such as pre/post surgery.


Single Session:
This session is great for those who want to experience something new that will compliment traditional medicine in seeking deeper understanding of
 their pets.  It is also good for those follow ups and/or tune ups.

  • Online or in person - 60 minutes - $60 CAD 

Healing Session Packages:

These sessions are great for working in tandem with pre/post surgery on your pets. As well as, unresolved behavioural and health issues.


  • 3-Session package - 60 minutes/session - $150 CAD (savings of $30)

  • 5-Session package - 60 minutes/session -  $250 CAD (savings of $50)

  • 8-Session package - 60 minutes/session - $400 CAD (savings of $80)

Note:  Gisèle offers in-person session and/or distance sessions over the phone, video call on messenger, Facetime, or Zoom.

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