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What is Shamanic Energy Healing?

Shamanic Energy Healing has been around as far back as 10,000 years or more, and it has been practiced in most cultures around the world. Shamanic healers are seen as community healers, healing the members of the community with whatever ailments they may be experiencing through various ceremonies and/or practices.  These ceremonies and/or practices, differ from each Shamanic culture, and some are based on lineage, that’s been passed down from generations. Gisele has been trained through the Algonquin Ancestors Lineage through The 8th Fire.

As a Shamanic Healer, Gisele work consist of spiritual healing, the limited and/or negative beliefs that people live from. Energy medicine, is the unseen parts of the client, which consist of the aura, and the non-conscious mind. She facilitates to restore the clients to their wholeness, by retrieving their energy, power, and soul parts, through healing past events or situations. 


Anyone who has experienced trauma, especially as a child, had to develop coping mechanism in order to secure their safety, and in light of their efforts, as the child becomes an adult those coping mechanism are what prevents them in fully engaging in a healthier lifestyle. 

Unhealed trauma carries an energetic imprint on the energy field of a person, that negatively influences their beliefs, which then gets expressed, affecting the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. All of which can lead people to experience the following scenarios (not an inclusive list);

  • Addictions

Drugs, Alcohol, Shopping, Sex, Social Media, etc.

  • Behaviours

Defensiveness, Anger/rage, Jealousy, Negative thoughts, Self Sabotage, Indecisiveness

  • Diseases

Depression, Anxiety, Panic attack, Eating disorders, Feeling numb, Dissociate

Trauma can also cause the soul to fragment, where the part/s of the soul leaves the physical body, it’s still within the vicinity of the body, however it's no longer part of it. This may cause someone to feel that something is missing, not right, they can’t seem to get it together. When a traumatic event is healed, the energy, soul parts, and power returns back to the client’s body as healed. This can be obtained through various ceremonies such as;

  • Time Travel

  • Power Retrieval

  • Past Life Ceremony

  • Formless to Form 


The desire to heal is when we had enough of the pain and the ways in which we are living our life, it is then we seek alternative ways to experience a better version of ourselves. Through healing we let go of our old ways to make room of our potential that's been waiting to be birth. Through the process of change we can reflect upon our past experience, and if we can view it as a teaching rather than criticize, it is then we have shifted into being compassionate, and gentler with ourselves. This is the journey towards self love. 

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