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What To Expect

What To Expect During A Healing Session 
(Keep in mind, it varies from person to person, as well as, from session to session.)

Psychologist Session

The Session Set up:

  • There's a meet and greet to discuss your issue of concern.

  • The protocol of the healing session is explained.

  • You have the option to either lay on a massage table (fully clothed), or sit in a chair, whatever you feel is comfortable. A blanket is offered in case you get cold, the body temperature can fluctuate during a healing session. This is an indication that healing is taking place.

  • Instruction of a breathing pattern is given for a duration of 2 minutes to induce relaxation, and to be receptive in receiving healing energy. A baseline of how you're feeling presently emotionally, mentally, and physically, this is so you can be aware of any changes in those areas, during and after the session. This helps you to become more in tuned with your body, emotions and thoughts.

  • Gisele goes into a trance state and intuit the ceremony that is required in regards to your issue.

  • During the session, Gisele places her hands either lightly on your body (with permission) or hovering above it. She's intuitively guided to have her hands remain stationary in one place or move to different areas of your body, as needed.


What you will experience:

  • During the healing session you may have some physical sensations, such as feeling hot or cold, shivers, body trembling and/or other types of movement. You may experience flashbacks, images, smells, sounds, or emotional release such as crying, laughing, coughing and yawning. This is the process in which your body is releasing and resetting itself back to optimal health.

After the session:

  • Once the session is complete, you'll rest for a few minutes before getting up to allow your body to fully integrate the changes.

  • A post session recommendation of a sea salt bath to help with the integration process, and to hydrate drinking plenty of water, within the next 2 days after the session.

  • Days following your session, you may experience additional adjustments taking place within your body and/or experience some emotional release. Allow whatever needs to come up, to come up, while being very gentle with yourself during this time, and honouring what needs to be released.

  • Clients had reported that they felt lighter, happier, some felt energized, while some felt tired and lack energy, the body is processing, this needs to be honoured.  Gentleness and slowing down or even taking a nap is required for these adjustments to take place.

  • You may feel ‘off balance’ physically or emotionally, especially in the first 24hours. A strong reaction to the session is possible but not common.

  • Over the next few days or week you may notice subtle or not so subtle changes in mood, energy levels, reactivity to events and to those around you. Some people also experience dreams and memories.

  • Be kind to yourself, do not judge anything that comes up, simply be curious and observe the changes.

How many session will you need?

  • You may experience noticeable changes after just one session, or they may be more gradual with each session. It's best to allow a full week before your next session. 

  • For most people a series of sessions is required to achieve the optimum result, however, these can be taken at your own pace.

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