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The past is not who we are, 
it's the place where we start to heal.

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Utilizing our intuition, we can navigate life in a much healthier way.

Energy Healing

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift."
- Einstein

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What is an issue?

  • Any  imbalances that we may encounter in life that affects the health of our bodies, whether that's the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic body.

  • These imbalances are a wake up call, that changes are required. Changes can be acquired through healing.

  • Types of Issue (not an inclusive list):

    • Any type of abuse (physical, emotional, mental or spiritual​).​

    • Disease

    • Depression

    • Anxiety

    • Panic Attacks

    • PTSD

    • ADHD

    • Disassociation

    • Any types of Trauma

    • Self-sabotage

    • Negative thoughts​​

    • Migraines

    • Fibromyalgia

  • Addictions;

    • Drug​

    • Alcohol

    • Shopping

    • Sex

    • Social Media

  • Loss;

    • Death

    • Divorce

    • Job

    • Health

    • Finance

Intuition is our birthright

  • We are using it all the time, whether we're aware of it or not.

  • Utilizing our intuition is the beginning of sensing the world in a whole new way, beyond our 5 senses.

  • It can be that gut feeling in our body, or it's a knowing, a conscious awareness of something, you know so strongly, that you don't know, how you came about knowing it.

  • Intuition can be felt or perceived throughout the other senses, such as touch, taste, smell, sight and sound all working together as a whole.

What are the benefits  of I.A. M.?

  • An increase in awareness of internal changes taking place.

  • Less reactivity to people, places and situation that once caused triggers.

  • Seeing old situation in a newer perspective.

  • Discovering new potentials and possibilities.

  • An increase in confidence level.

  • A renewed sense of self.

What is I.A. M.?

  • It is the medicine, the lesson and/or teachings, that's already inside of us.  

  • Healing helps us understand ourselves at a deeper level.  

  • Our issues helps redefine who we are not, to a perspective of who we need to be, in a much healthier way.

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What does I.A. M. do?

  • It helps client awaken to parts of themselves that's been shut down, or that's been avoided.

  • It helps clients to acknowledge and express their truth.

  • It brings awareness to the limited/negative beliefs, patterns and behaviours that's been hindering clients growth.

  • The awareness of clients intuition increases and they becomes more proactive in their life.

  • It allows clients to create a newer version of themselves.

  • Clients are able to embark on new opportunities.

  • Confidence level increases which leads clients in making optimal life choices that nurtures their soul.

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